Free Digital Menu
For Restaurants

Create digital menus with QR code. Let your customers scan the QR code and view your menu on their phones.

1000 + menus created with Menubly

All features you need for your QR code digital menu

  • Easy access, with QR Code or public link

    Your guests can access your menu easily by scanning a QR Code placed at each table, or by visiting your menu public link. They can even google your restaurant name and find your menu link.

  • Interactive & responsive digital menu

    No more pinching or zooming to read PDF menus on mobile devices. Our digital menu is easy to read, visually appealing, and interactive.

  • Customize menu for your brand

    Easily customize your menu with logos, fonts and colors that perfectly showcase your restaurant’s personality.

  • View menu from any devices

    Your customers can open the menu on their own device (smartphones, tablets or computers) at any time, without any app install.

  • Update menu instantly

    Change price? A dish out of stock? Now you can update prices and items on your menu at any time, with instant changes reflected on your menus.

  • No app to install

    You don't need to download any app or software to create your digital menu. It can be done on Menubly website.

Why Digital Menu for your restaurant?

Increase sales

Attract more customers and increase your profits with a QR menu showcasing delicious visuals of all the dishes you have to offer. Customers will be drawn in by the tantalizing photos, giving them an irresistible reason to come back for more!

Better customer experience

Your customers can now access your menu with a quick scan on their phones and find exactly what they’re craving with just a few taps – no more waiting around or sifting through paper menus!

Help customers find you online

Staying top-of-mind in the competitive restaurant industry can be a challenge – but with creative use of digital menus, you can boost visibility and attract new customers. Get your dishes in front of more customers by sharing the digital menu everywhere.


Enjoy our transparent pricing and free trial with no credit card required!​


$ 9.99 /MONTH
  • For restaurants who want to set up a Pro mini website with built-in online menu.
  • 1 mini website
  • 1 digital menu
  • 1 QR code menu
  • Unlimited items per menu
  • Online ordering for pick-up, delivery
  • Full menu customization
  • Support converting PDF menu to digital
  • Custom domain
  • Custom menu design
$ Contact Us
  • Need special feature or have custom request? Just send us a message.
  • Unlimited mini website
  • Unlimited digital menu
  • Unlimited QR code menu
  • Unlimited items per menu
  • Online ordering for pick-up, delivery
  • Full menu customization
  • Support converting PDF menu to digital
  • Custom domain
  • Custom menu design

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find it here?

Menubly is a easy to use tool to create digital menu with QR code for food businesses. Menubly is used by 1000+ businesses in various locations across the world.

Menubly can be used by any type of business, such as restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, bakeries, caterers, food trucks, breweries and more. You can fully personalize your menu to the style and theme of your business.

A digital QR Code menu is a menu that restaurants' guests can access by scanning a QR code with their smartphone camera. The QR Code can be displayed on a table, flyer, or signage in a restaurant, cafe, or bar. 

Along with a QR code you’ll also get a short Public Link for your menu (for example: menubly.com/your-restaurant). You can promote this link on any social media site like Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, or Trip Advisor.

There are several advantages of using a digital menu:

  1. It provides a convenient and contactless way for your guests to access the menu. Your guests love the digital menu because it is easy to read, visually appealing, and interactive.

  2. A digital menu can be updated easily and instantly, allow restaurants to make changes to their menu or prices without having to reprint new menus. This can save time and money, and also reduce waste.

  3. It enhances the customer experience by providing additional information about the menu items, such as images and descriptions.

  4. It helps customers find your online. Now they can google your restaurant name and find your menu link.

Yes. You can update your restaurant's information and menu items at any time, without having to reprint the QR code.

Yes, we do offer free plan, you can sign up an account and create a menu with Menubly at no cost. The free plan will always be free, meaning you won't have to worry about any future pricing changes, and you can continue using it for free for as long as you like.

However, the free plan comes with a limit of 20 items per menu. If you require more than 20 items, Menubly also provides a paid plan option to accommodate larger menus.

You can see a live demo of Menubly's QR code menu here

Our QR code digital menu is always "on the table," so guests don't have to wait for a waiter for a paper menu. This reduces waiting time and makes it easier for guests to place an order quickly and conveniently. 

Digital menus can be easily updated for changes in menu items, prices, promotions, and discounts, unlike paper menus which can be costly and time-consuming to reprint.

PDF menus are not interactive and not easy to read on mobile devices. When your guests scan a QR code for a PDF menu, they need to download the entire file to their phone, which can be slow and inconvenient. In contrast, our digital menu is optimized for quick loading and easy browsing, with well organized items.

Morever, PDF menus cannot be easily edited and updated, requiring a time-consuming process of redesigning and re-uploading the file. With our digital menu, updates can be made instantly and easily from any smartphone, for both android and ios devices.

Want to give it a try? Click here to upload your PDF and we'll get it converted to digital menu for you, free of charge.