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In recent years, QR code menus have gained significant traction in the restaurant business and hospitality industry, driven by the increased need for contactless solutions and enhanced customer experience. As we move into 2024, this trend shows no signs of slowing down, with more restaurants adopting this innovative technology to streamline their operations and cater to evolving customer preferences. This article aims to highlight the eight best QR code menu solutions for restaurants, which can help businesses thrive in the ever-changing landscape. By offering a brief overview of each platform and comparing their features, we hope to assist restaurant owners and managers in making informed decisions when choosing the best QR code menu solution for their establishments.

Why Your Restaurants Need A QR Code Menu?

Enhanced Contactless Experience

The pandemic has significantly increased the demand for contactless experiences in the restaurant industry. QR codes for restaurant menus offer a contactless menu alternative to traditional physical menus, allowing restaurant customers to scan the QR code placed on the table (and other ways to display the QR code), then view the restaurant’s menu and place orders using their own smartphones. This not only reduces the risk of contamination but also elevates the overall ordering experience.

Efficient Digital Menu Creation

QR code menu software allows restaurants to create a digital menu easily and quickly, without relying on tablets or other devices. This enables businesses to adapt their menu offerings promptly, ensuring that customers always have access to the most up-to-date information. Customization is another advantage, as restaurants can personalize their digital menus to reflect their brand identity and unique offerings.

Streamlined Order and Payment Processes

QR code ordering simplifies the process of taking orders and managing payments. By integrating with existing point-of-sale (POS) systems, QR code solutions enable seamless transactions, allowing restaurant staff to focus on providing excellent service. Payment integration further simplifies the experience for both customers and staff, ensuring a smoother dining experience.

Valuable Data and Analytics

Investing in the best contactless menu solution also gives restaurants access to valuable data and analytics. This information can help businesses make informed decisions about menu design, menu pricing, and promotional strategies, ultimately driving revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

For detailed explanation on the benefits, visit benefits of QR Code Menu on Menubly’s blog.

8 Best QR Code Menu for Restaurants

1. Menubly

Menubly is a multi-features interactive digital QR code menu system. It provides restaurants with comprehensive ordering solution, including mobile-optimized online ordering for takeout, pickup and delivery; as well as QR code-enabled digital menu for dine in ordering. Customers can order and pay directly through the web page or digital menu. 

With its user-friendly interface and a range of powerful features, Menubly is the ideal solution for restaurants looking to enhance their guest experience and streamline operations.

For more information on creating a digital menu using Menubly, visit this detailed guide

Key Features:

  • Online food ordering system for pickup and delivery
  • Comprehensive ordering: Interactive menu supporting takeout, pickup, direct delivery, dine-in, drive-through ordering with payment options
  • Fully interactive digital menu with QR Code
  • Payment integration with Stripe


  • User-friendly interface
  • Cost-effective. Provides reliable service at an affordable price
  • Option to upload PDF Menu and get it converted to interactive digital menu




2. Eatsee

Eatsee is a suitable choice for budget-conscious restaurateurs seeking free solutions to create QR codes for their menus. The platform offers three subscription plans, with the freemium plan option.

Premium plans grant access to additional features, including professional photography, advertising, and analytics. Logging in to Eatsee requires a Facebook account, which may pose a challenge for some large establishments.


  • Free option

  • User-friendly interface with filters and ordering 


  • Facebook login required


  • Free (ad-supported) – $0/month

  • Starter – $30/month

  • Standard – $50/month

3. Bonee

Bonee is a fantastic QR code menu system for restaurants, it’s packed with cool features and is easy to use. The features we like most are the ability to set a pickup time, reserve seats and pre-order so your food will be ready at your table when you arrive at the restaurants.


  • Lots of customizable, high-quality tools
  • Touch-free ordering and booking
  • Perfect for takeout


  • Setting up could be simpler


  • Covid: $19/month
  • Starter: $39/month
  • Basic: $59/month
  • Premium: $129/month

4. Orderlina

Orderlina allows restaurants to make a digital menu or upload their image or PDF menu to generate a menu QR code. It also provides an online ordering tool that lets restaurants to link their website and social media accounts.

Features of Orderlina’s contactless QR menu include:

  • Menu display: Easy-to-view image-based menu
  • Comprehensive ordering: Interactive menu supporting takeout, pickup, direct delivery, dine-in, drive-through ordering with payment options
  • Guest check-in: Simple customer notification system for staff upon arrival

Orderlina supports images and detailed descriptions of dishes, making it suitable for a wide range of venues such as restaurants, bistros, hotels, bars, food trucks, pop up restaurants, and events. The platform’s adaptability ensures compatibility with various venue types.


  • Adaptable menu choices – image-based or fully interactive
  • Swift self-setup – operational within 10 minutes


  • Limited to 200 views on the free plan


  • Orderlina Basic: $19/month
  • Orderlina Premium: $99/month

5. iMenuPro

iMenuPro provides customers with the ability to access and browse various restaurant menus through a single QR code. The service also allows for QR code personalization by modifying colors and incorporating a logo.


  • Easy to create a QR code menu


  • Menu is view-only and not interative.
  • Customers cannot order from the qr code menu.

Pricing: $15/month

6. Sprout QR

SproutQR offers a web-based QR menu service catering to restaurants and hotels. They operate on a monthly subscription basis and enable users to upload their menus using an Excel file.


  • Menu upload through Excel
  • Monthly payment plan


  • Ordering and payment functionalities unavailable at the time of writing


  • Annual plan: $120/year ($10/month)
  • Monthly plan: $15/month

7. Menulingua

Menulingua offers a QR menu solution for contactless ordering and payments. It features a user-friendly interface and supports multiple languages. 


  • Multilingual support
  • Focus on the Chinese market
  • Straightforward interface


  • Limited feature offering


  • Single plan: $21/month
  • Multi-month and annual options available

8. One2Menu

One2Menu provides a online ordering system for your restauarnt, it partners with delivery companies to provide direct delivery services for your customers.


  • Online ordering system
  • Direct delivery services
  • QR Menu and Website
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Integration with payment processor Stripe


  • Free plan included


  • Included a transaction fee of 3.5%


  • From $14.99 to $99 per month, in addition t a transaction fee of 3.5%


QR menus for restaurants have emerged as a game-changing solution in the restaurant industry, revolutionizing the way businesses operate and customers experience dining. By selecting the right service provider, restaurants can easily adapt to the growing demand for online food ordering and contactless dining experiences.

As the restaurant industry’s landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and invest in innovative technologies such as QR code menus. These solutions not only enhance the overall dining experience but also streamline restaurant operations, providing valuable insights to optimize business performance.

By embracing QR menus, restaurants can ensure they are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic world of food service, enabling customers to easily use their smartphones for a seamless, contactless dining experience. Ultimately, this will lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth in the long run.