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Dreaming of opening a new Greek restaurant? The perfect name is like a drizzle of golden olive oil – it enhances the entire experience! From classic references to sunny islands, let’s explore a variety of Greek restaurant names to find one that captures the spirit of your cuisine.

Picking a restaurant name is key to building a successful Greek food establishment. It should be catchy, memorable, and hint at the delicious flavors on your menu. For inspiration, think about iconic Greek symbols, playful pop culture references, or even a rhyme that sticks in your head!

List of Greek Restaurant Business Name Ideas to Inspire You

Ready to find the perfect name for your Greek restaurant? It’s time to dive into a feast of creative ideas! Whether you dream of a cozy taverna atmosphere, the elegance of Athens, or a playful twist on Mediterranean cuisine, your name should capture the essence of your dining experience.

We’ve got you covered with a wide range of name options. Think about evoking the Aegean beach with your name, or incorporating a touch of Greek mythology with gods and goddesses. Need more inspiration? Try a Greek restaurant name generator for a fresh batch of potential names.

Consider these categories to help find a name that’s as unique and memorable as your dishes:

Best Greek Restaurant Name Ideas

Ambrosia & NectarTaste of Olympus The Hellenic Feast
The Olive GroveZeus's TableAegean Delights
Simply GreekTaverna of the GodsThe Grecian Gourmet
Meze MasterAthens in [Your City]Santorini Sunset
Corfu KitchenOpa!The Greek Plate
Little SpartaThe Mezze MavenGyros Galore
The Acropolis CafeDionysus' DelightsThe Flavor of Greece

Classic Greek Restaurant Names

Nikos TavernaYiaYia's KitchenThe Olive Branch
Plaka BistroThe Agora EateryZorba's Grill
Souvlaki StopThe Delphi DinerMykonos Memories
The Parthenon PlateThe Poseidon PlateThe Greek Isle
The Blue Door TavernaThe Mediterranean KitchenThe Odyssey Cafe
Crete CuisineMama Maria'sHellenika
The Olive TreeKosmos TavernaThe Hellenic Kitchen

Creative Greek Restaurant Name Ideas

The Hungry SpartanIt's All Greek To MeFeta-licious
The Pita PrincipleWrap it Up Moussaka Madness
Spanakopita DreamsDolma-liciousBaklava Bliss
Meze MadnessSaganaki SurpriseKalamata Cravings
Smashing PlatesFrom Greece With LoveThe Garlic & Olive
Mythos & MunchiesOuzo OdysseyGyro Hero
Kefi Corner The Filoxenia Meze & Meraki

Unique Greek Restaurant Names

The Santorini SunsetThalassaAnemos
AsteriaSelene Elia
MeltemiHeliosTo Mati
VrachosAmmos Kyma
AlatiXenos Nostimo
Efharisto Kali OrexiStin Ygeia Mas
Glyka Axizi Perasma

Popular Greek Restaurant Names

The AthenianMy Big Fat Greek TavernaMama's Greek Kitchen
Yasso! Grill The Acropolis Olympia Cafe
It's Greek To Me!Greek Islands Taverna The Olive Press
Greco'sPappas GrillGreek Street
The Grecian PlatePita Paradise Souvlaki Shack
The Village TavernaMeze Meze Orea Hellas
Santorini'sMelina's KitchenKostas Taverna

Funny Greek Restaurant Name Ideas

Oops, I Spilled the HummusIt's All Greek To MeatWhere's My Feta?
Pita PanOlive This Place The Souvlaki Situation
Tzatziki TroubleDon't Be a GyroSpanakopita Party
Hold the Kalamata Moussaka MayhemSmashing Plates & Taking Names
Opa! Dropped the BaklavaThe Feta-ficiandosGyros Gone Wild
Pita Pocket ProtectorZeus on the LooseThe Acropolis Now
The Olive Garden's RivalryToga TuesdayThe Greek Freak

Perfect Greek Restaurant Names

Kali OrexiThe Mediterranean FeastThe Olive & The Vine
Flavors of the Aegean Taste of the IslandsFrom Athens with Love
The Taverna ExperienceSantorini BreezeMykonos Memories
Mythos & MerakiAegean DelightsThe Hellenic Table
Nostimo Meltemi SunsetThe Grecian Plate
Kefi & Koinonia The Olive PressA Taste of Hellas
AmbrosiaStin Ygeia Mas Thalassa

Catchy Greek Restaurant Name Ideas

Gyro GyroSmashing Plates Kalamata Kalamata
Feta Feta FetaPita Perfection Souvlaki Shack
Opa! Opa!Meze Madness The Grecian Gourmet
Santorini SunsetMoussaka ManiaThe Olive Grove
Pita Paradise From Greece With LoveDolma Dreams
Spanakopita StopThe Hungry SpartanGarlic & Grill
Aegean Eats The Island TavernaZorba's

Greek Mythology Restaurant Names

Zeus's DinerAphrodite's Kitchen Poseidon's Plate
Athena EatsDionysus' DelightsHades' Hot Spot
Artemis GrillApollo's CafeHera's Hearth
Hermes' BistroPersephone's PantryHephaestus' Forge
Demeter's HarvestThe Oracle's TableMount Olympus
Prometheus' FlameEros' EateryThe Odyssey
The Trojan TavernaThe Iliad CafeThe Elysian Fields

Greek Restaurant Names Based on Places

The AthenianCretan KitchenTaste of Thessaloniki
Santorini BreezeMykonos Memories Rhodes Retreat
Corfu CafeDelphi DelightsOlympia Eats
Sparta GrillPatmos ParadiseNaxos Nosh
Thessaloniki TavernaMeteora MunchiesZakynthos Grill
Ioannina EatsParos PlatesIthaca Bistro
Kos CafePeloponnese PlatesCrete Cuisine

How To Choose The Best Names for Greek Restaurants?

Finding the perfect name for your Greek restaurant is like crafting the perfect moussaka – it takes careful consideration of key ingredients! Here’s a step-by-step approach:

1. Write down your restaurant’s mission, vision, and core values.

Do you envision a family-style taverna or an upscale dining experience with modern Greek dishes? Your name should reflect your brand’s unique personality.

2. Consider your menu offerings and your customers.

Will your focus be on traditional flavors or a contemporary fusion? Is your target audience the local community or adventurous foodies?

3. Brainstorm names that aren’t already taken.

Check online and with local business registries to avoid choosing something already in use. This helps prevent confusion and ensures your brand stands apart.

4. Use a greek restaurant name generator.

These tools can be a great resource to generate greek restaurant names. Explore options that reference Greek gods and goddesses, iconic locations, or even playful puns on the cuisine.

Remember: A great name acts like a strong and memorable logo for your Greek restaurant business. Consider seeking feedback from friends, family, and potential customers to make the best final decision!

Tips for Naming Your Greek Restaurant Brand

Now that you have some fantastic name ideas, let’s polish them into a brand name that’s as irresistible as fresh baklava! Here are some expert tips:

  1. The best restaurant names often have a good story behind their name. Did you fall in love with Greek cuisine on a life-changing trip? Does your family recipe inspire your menu? A story personalizes your restaurant and makes the name more memorable.

  2. Avoid being too trendy. What feels clever today might sound dated in a few years. Choose a name with timeless appeal.

  3. Ensure uniqueness. Research is key! A unique greek restaurant business name helps you stand out and prevents customer confusion.

  4. Test it out loud. How does the name sound? Is it easy to say and pronounce? Is it easy to remember? A smooth-sounding name lingers in the mind and brings out a memorable brand.

  5. Opt for authenticity. Reflect the true essence of Greek food and beverage in your name. Avoid choices that feel generic or don’t connect to your establishment.

  6. Check for domain name availability. Secure your website address early! This is crucial for building your online presence and making it easy for patrons to find you. And don’t forget to search for trademark availability to avoid future issues.

Bonus Tip: Consider creating a strong slogan alongside your name. A catchy phrase can further convey your restaurant’s personality and entice potential diners.

Using a Digital Menu for your Restaurants

When setting up your restaurant, it’s crucial to explore ways to attract more customers to your restaurants. A great way to consider is using a digital menu so your customers can see your offerings anytime, anywhere. 

Menubly lets you create an attractive, accessible digital menu to showcase your mouthwatering dishes. You can easily share a link to your digital menu on various social media platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook, to lure in more customers. Plus, the convenience of a digital format allows customers to browse through your menu offerings, anywhere and at any time. 

Ready to step up your game?  Click here to create a free menu!


The perfect name is your Greek restaurant’s first taste of success! Think of it like a sprinkle of fragrant Greek oregano – it elevates the entire experience. Whether you opt for a name that’s steeped in tradition or playfully modern, make sure it truly reflects your vision.

Need a little more help? Consider a free Greek restaurant name generator for more inspiration. Remember to choose a memorable name that resonates with your target audience, and always check domain availability.

With careful consideration, you’ll find a name that makes your Greek restaurant business shine. A fantastic name, paired with high-quality cuisine, will become a recipe for word-of-mouth recommendations and a loyal following of enthusiastic patrons.

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