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Looking to start a Korean restaurant? It’s an attractive venture, thanks to the rising popularity of Korean cuisine. Savory Korean dishes continue to captivate food lovers all over the world. But how do you stand out in the crowded food business? One way is by choosing a powerful name for your Korean restaurant brand. The right name can give you a unique identity in the restaurant industry. We’re here to make that easier with our list of the best names and suggestions for your Korean eatery. Your business journey starts with the right name. Let’s explore together.

List of Korean Food Restaurant Name Ideas to Inspire You

Next in our guide, we dive into a hearty list of Korean food restaurant name ideas to brew your thoughts. Korean cuisine, known for its punchy flavors like kimchi, gochujang (red chili paste) and an array of grilled meats like beef and pork, offers a rich pool of inspiration. But it’s not just about meat. A traditional Korean meal includes a variety of spicy side dishes made from vegetables. If you want your Korean restaurant to reflect the bold flavors of bibimbap (a mix of rice, meat, and assorted veggies), or the spicy grilled beef known as bulgogi, our name suggestions cover this type of restaurant. Let us assist you in cooking up a name as well-received as Korean cuisines in America.

Best Korean Restaurant Names

Seoul HouseK-TasteKimchi Palace
Chopstick KingdomSpicy SeoulBamboo Grove
Bibimbap InviteK-LightJapchae Joint
Galbi GrillRoyal RamyeonSoju Station
Tofu ThymePajeon PlaceKorean Korner
Spice HarmonyGinseng GourmetRice Radiance
Sesame SaucePepper PreserveBaechu Bliss

Catchy Korean Restaurant Names

Hansik HavenKimchi KlassicGo Go Galbi
Spice SymphonyBibim BeatsJapchae Jubilee
Seoulful DelightSoju SerenadeNoodle Nirvana
Pork Belly ParadiseSsamjang SensationGrill & Gill
Sizzling SeoulKimchi KrazedSpicy Spoils
Taste of TaeguBusan BitesIncheon Indulgence
Jajang JourneyBanchan BonanzaPyeongchang Pleasures

Creative Korean Restaurant Name Ideas

Seoulful YumsGogi GrindK-Food Fiesta
Kimchi KafeChopchae CharmBibim Bop
Galbi GobbleFar East FeastKorean Spice Stride
Japchae JourneySoju SoireeNori Nest
Dolsot DocsBanchan BurstBulgogi Bliss
Mandu MansionSpice SpectrumTteokbokki Town
Gochujang GrottoBingsu BarKimchi Konnection

Unique Korean Restaurant Name Ideas

Seoul SongGochujang GrooveBingsu Beat
Kimchi KreationSoju SymphonyBibimbop Buzz
Banchan BopNoodle NotesBulgogi Ballad
Tteokbokki TuneGalbi GrooveJapchae Jam
Samgyeopsal SambaMandu MelodyHansik Harmony
Sundubu SonataMakgeolli MarchRice Cake Rhythm
Jjigae JiveGimbap GalaDolsot Ditty

Popular Korean Restaurant Names

K-Pop KitchenSsamjang SecretBulgogi Bliss
Seoul GardenGinseng GraceDoenjang Delight
Mandu MansionGangnam GourmetSoju Sun
Korean BBQ GymK-FeverGalbi Galore
Japchae JoyRamyeon RoomMugunghwa Meals
Banchan BistroBusan BayHangul Heaven
Kimchi KeepPajeon PitDakgangjeong Diner

Funny Korean Restaurant Names

Belly Good BBQSeoul FoodThe Rolling Rice
Gangnam GrillsMiss KimchiBroth Brothers
Buns of SeoulPickled ParadiseBelly of the Beast
KimchilicousBusan BBQNoodle Nuance
Soju Think You Can Dance?Seoul MatesGrill and Chill
Folklore FeastGochujanaKimchi Chronicles
BibimboxBamboozle BitesGangnam Style Grub

Korean BBQ Restaurant Names

Smoky SeoulBurning BulgogiGrill Gangnam
Sizzling SamgyeopsalBanchan BBQRoyal Ribs
BBQ BountyKimchi GrillGalbi Garden
Bibim BBQHot HanwooSeoul Smoke
Charcoal CharmSsam SwipeGrill & Gochujang
Embers EdgeKingdom KebabsBBQ Bliss
Holly HotplatesRed RibMarinated Majesty

Samgyeopsal Restaurant Name Ideas

Sassy SamgyeopsalPiggy PalaceGrill 'n' Glee
Belly BonanzaPungent PorkSizzling Ssam
Perfect PotionBibbidi-Bobbidi-BooPorky's Paradise
Spice SpectrumBelly BlissDouble Dipping Dip
Pork PatchHeaven's HogPiggy Haven
Pork ParcelSeoul SwinePot Belly
Savory StripesGrill & GuzzleSamgyeopsal Station

Bulgogi Restaurant Names

Beefy BlissBulgogi BurnSeoul Steak
Sizzling SlicesMarinated MagicBibimbap & Bulgogi
Grill GloryBarbecue BountySweet & Savory
Korean KowBelly of BeefIncheon Insta-grill
Kimchi & CowSeoul SavorMoo for More
Bulgogi BuzzBapsang BeefK-Beef Bistro
Seoul SteerGalbi GourmetBanchan Beef

Jajangmyeon House Names

Black Bean BlissNoodle NirvanaJajang Joy
Pyeongyang PastaSeoul SpaghettiMagic Myeon
Bunsik BistroChunjang CharmNoodle Nest
Umami UnionJajang JourneyBlack Magic
Noodle NookPungent PlatesFlavor Fusion
Fermented FeastPasta & PasteJajang Junction
Saucy StringsNoodle NuanceOnion Oasis

Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant Names

Crispy ChicksDak DelightGolden Gwangju
Seoul SquawkFowl FeastChimek Champs
K-Fry KitchenYangnyeom YumsChick-a-licious
Dakgangjeong DelishPoultry PalaceSeoul Sizzle
Henny HeavenCrispy CrunchSweet & Spicy
Cheesy ChickKimchi KomboHot & Honey
BBQ BirdsGochujang GlidersSaucy Wings

Korean Food Truck Names

Seoulful StreetBibimvanKimchi Karts
Roaming RamyeonGangnam GrillBunsik Bus
Bulgogi BuggyJajang JourneySamgyeopsal Sprinter
Dak DelightDolsot Drive-byMandu Mobile
Kimchi CruiserGimbap GoTteokbokki Truck
Seoul StationJapchae JeepBanchan Bus
Rolling RiceDoenjang DriveGalbi Go-Go

Korean Dessert Cafe Ideas

Sweet SeoulBingsu BlissPatbingsoo Palace
Hallyu HoneySugar SesameSweet Red Bean
Choco ChuseokHotteok HeavenYakgwa Yard
Melona MomentsSamanco StationHangwa House
Sweet SsamjangDelish DaifukuTtangkong Treats
Pumpkin PopsTteok TreatsSherbet Seoul
Hodugwaja HavenYum YuzuDasik Delight

Korean Bakery Name Ideas

Bread & BanchanBakery BusanSeoul Sweets
Gochugaru GoodsDelicious DolsotMandu Muffin
Ginseng GâteauxBulgogi BunsKimchi Croissant
Bingsu BiscuitsPatbingsoo PastryHanwoo Haven
Choco ChuseokBibimbap BakeryGangnam Goodies
Japchae JamHodduk HouseRed Bean Rolls
Jjigae JamsPajeon PatisserieTteok Treats

Korean Street Food Stand Names

Seoul SustenanceHotteok HavenGimbap Groove
Bunsik BitesTteokbokki TempoKimchi Kiosk
Chimaek CornerStreet SamgyeopsalPajeon Paddock
Sundae StandBungeoppang BoothOdeng Outpost
Jajang JunctionChurros ChuseokMandu Market
Bibimbap BurrowRamyeon RoadK-Fry Course
Galbi GalleyJapchae JourneyNamsan Nosh

Korean Karaoke Bar Names

Sing SeoulNoraebang NightsSoju Serenade
Kpop KaraokeMelody makgeolliHanbok Harmony
Daebak DittiesSeoulful SoundKimchi Croon
Samgyeopsal SymphonyBallad BanchanBulgogi Beats
Sizzling SongsK-Drama DecibelsMicrophone Mandu
Tteokbokki TonesBibimbop BalladJeon Jingles
Ssamjang SymphonyKimchi KoncertTune Trove

How To Choose The Best Korean Restaurant Name?

1. Understand Your Brand

First, define your restaurant’s mission, vision, and core values. These will accompany you throughout your journey in the food business and inform your brand identity. Consider how you’ll incorporate traditional Korean cuisine into your menu. Are there certain types of Korean dishes you’ll specialize in? 

2. Consider Your Menu and Customer Preferences

Next, think about your targeted consumers and the dishes most likely to appeal to them. Will kimchi, served at every Korean meal, be a staple item on your menu, or will you curate a niche selection of Korean delicacies? Gather insights through a consumer survey to learn what works well with them. 

3. Brainstorm Unique Names

As you pen down name ideas for your restaurant, ensure they’re unique to avoid potential legal issues. With so many restaurants serving traditional Korean cuisine, it’s crucial to stand out. Your name should reflect the culinary spirit of the recipes you’re putting on the table.

4. Use a Korean Restaurant Name Generator

Finally, use tools to generate Korean restaurant name. It can help you brainstorm a variety of name options, thereby assisting you on this exciting journey of bringing the savory and spicy aromas of a Korean menu to your customers. 

Tips for Naming Your Korean Restaurants

1. Tell A Story

Memorable restaurant names often have a good story behind them. Your name could be based on a cherished memory, a popular Korean fable, or anything that communicates the essence of your brand. It’s a great way to engage customers.

2. Stay Timeless

While trends come and go, a timeless name can keep you in the game for the long haul. Avoid using too many buzzwords or current phrases that may not be relevant in the future. 

3. Aim for Uniqueness

Ensure your name isn’t in use by another restaurant. This prevents confusion and potential legal conflicts. 

3. Say It Out Loud

You’ve nailed your list of potentials. Now, it’s time for the ear test. How does the name sound when said aloud? Wordplay and rhyme can be attention-grabbing and easy to remember. 

4. Embrace Authenticity

Your name should reflect your commitment to quality and the authentic Korean culinary traditions you’re bringing to the table. 

5. Check Domain Availability

Before you get started, check if the domain name is still available for us. An online presence is a must in today’s digital world, and you’d want your website to match your restaurant name. 

6. Gather Feedback

Don’t finalize your decision yet. Share your shortlisted names with others. Collect their opinions. Taste-test your name, just like you would do with your dishes. Does it communicate the type of Korean restaurant you’re aiming to establish? Are the names easy to spell and remember? Their feedback can guide you to choose the most compelling one. Utilize this step as a mini-focus group before you present your new restaurant to a broader audience. 

Choosing a restaurant name is just as important as the culinary masterpieces you’ll be serving. As you follow these tips and use our Korean restaurant name generator, be confident in finding the perfect name. Your restaurant’s name sets the stage for its success, and now, you’re well-equipped to make an informed choice. Now let’s get started!

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Launching a successful Korean restaurant begins with a captivating name. With countless Korean restaurants operating globally, choosing a stand-out name is paramount. Our guide has walked you through the processes and key considerations. We’ve seen intriguing name ideas, and we’ve discussed how to make sure unique names are available for use. Now, all that’s left is to take these insights, refine them, and find the perfect name that embodies the spirit of Korea and your unique approach. Embarking on the journey of opening a Korean restaurant is an exciting endeavor, and we’re thrilled to help guide your first steps.

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