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Setting up a new Chinese eatery is an exciting journey into the world of rich flavor and delectable Chinese cuisine. Your establishment’s name plays a crucial role in this venture. It’s the first taste your prospective customers get of the culinary experience they can anticipate at your restaurant. Launching such a profitable journey begins with a crucial step: choosing a fitting and attractive business name. We’ve compiled an extensive assortment of inspiring Chinese names – from cool and whimsical to classic and elegant, catering to any style of Chinese cuisine you wish to serve. Let’s gear up to get started on finding the perfect name for your Chinese establishment and create a lasting impression on the minds (and palates) of your future patrons!

List of Chinese Food Restaurant Name Ideas to Inspire You 

Choosing the right name for your Chinese restaurant is to focus not just on encapsulating your delicious offerings, but also on helping your eatery stand out from the crowd. Creating a memorable and captivating dining experience begins with a name; whether offering a good pun for a laugh or conjuring images of certain unmistakable Chinese flavors, your restaurant’s name is crucial in drawing customers in.

So, without further ado, let’s inspire you. Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of Chinese restaurant name ideas to guide you towards the name you’re going for.

Cool Chinese Restaurant Names

1. Red Dragon Diner 
2. The Great Wall Gourmet 
3. Silk Route Bistro 
4. Mandarin Palace 
5. Tiger Crunch 
6. Wok this Way 
7. Sizzling Szechuan  
8. Golden Lotus Eatery  
9. Bamboo Bites 
10. Lotus Peak Kitchen 
11. Dragon Fire Grill 
12. Phoenix Rice Bowl 
13. The Peking Platter 
14. Lantern’s Light Café 
15. China Spring 
16. Bamboo Blossoms 
17. Pearl Palace 
18. Jade Garden 
19. Crystal Chopsticks 
20. Lantern Cove Cafeteria 

Elegant Chinese Restaurant Names

1. Opulent Orchid 
2. Graceful Lotus
3. Red Lantern Manor
4. Emperor’s Banquet
5. Oriental Pearl
6. Jade Palace
7. Sapphire Dynasty 
8. Golden Phoenix
9. Silver Peony
10. Majestic Dragon
11. Royal Bamboo 
12. Exotic Blossom 
13. Azure Wok 
14. Sapphire Pagoda 
15. Imperial Jasmine 
16. White Lotus 
17. Crystal Peacock 
18. Emerald Dynasty 
19. Ruby Lion 
20. Velvet Pheasant

Creative Chinese Restaurant Name Ideas

1. Wok the Beat
2. Stir Fry Madness
3. Bamboo Whisper 
4. Soy Story 
5. Egg Roll Empire
6. Fortune Cookie Factory
7. Plum Blossom Pavillion
8. Dimsum-Dreamland
9. Chopsticks Chase
10. Silk Road Kitchen
11. Spring Roll Rhapsody 
12. Celestial Wontons 
13. Oriental Symphony 
14. Noodles Nirvana 
15. Rice Carnival 
16. Hunan Hipsters 
17. Evening Eggroll 
18. Wok-around-the-Clock 
19. Hot Wok Nightlife 
20. Frying Panda

Unique Chinese Restaurant Names

1. Dragonfly Diner
2. Seaside Soy Station
3. Sizzling Sapphire 
4. Aquatic Lotus 
5. Thunder Tea House 
6. Crystal Kung Pao 
7. Gold-Bamboo Palace
8. Whispering Wok
9. Harvest Moon Café 
10. Silk Scarf Bistro 
11. Rising Sun Eatery 
12. Peking Peony Palace 
13. Yum Bun Junction 
14. Tea Leaf Lagoon
15. Dragon’s Heart Grill
16. Potsticker Paradise
17. Saffron Summer Bistro
18. Firecracker Feast
19. Stir-fried Symphony
20. Supersonic Oriental Soul Food

Clever Chinese Restaurant Names

1. Wonton Wonders
2. Potsticker Paradise
3. Golden Wok Glory
4. One More Rice Bowl 
5. Soy Sizzle Savor
6. Orient Express
7. Kung Pao Galaxy
8. Lo Mein Lane
9. Celestial Stir Fry
10. Egg Roll Oasis  
11. Szechuan Swirl
12. Rice Wax Muse
13. Melting Peking Pot
14. Dragon Luck Lantern 
15. Noodle Nova
16. Peking Peacock Bistro 
17. Sesame Streets 
18. Curry Comet 
19. Manchurian Masterpiece
20. Hotpot Honeypot

Funny Chinese Restaurant Name Ideas

1. Wok On The Wild Side
2. Wok-n-Roll  
3. Chop Chop & Roll
4. Spicy Noodle Nook
5. The Happy Panda
6. The Agile Eggroll
7. Kung Food  
8. The Magic Wonton
9. Fortune Cookie Comedy
10. Hot Wok Hilarity
11. Pho-nulous Palace  
12. Golden Wok Chuckles 
13. Roll in the Wok 
14. No More Wok 
15. Rice Rattle Cafe  
16. Wok-a-Holic  
17. Peking Jokers Castle 
18. Wok Star 
19. Rice Riot 
20. Captain Kung Pao

Chinese Restaurant Names with Rhyming

1. Dragon Wagon
2. Wok Jock
3. Stir Fry Sky
4. Bao Wow
5. Sizzling Drizzling
6. Mood for Food
7. Dim Sum Fun
8. Feast from the East 
9. Sticky Wicky Chicken 
10. Peking Reckoning
11. Potsticker Licker
12. Dumpling Jumping
13. Wonton Fronton 
14. Noodle Strudel 
15. Lo Mein Flaming 
16. Roast and Toast 
17. Tea Plea 
18. Rice Slice 
19. Hungry Pungency 
20. Pepper Stepper

Chinese Restaurant Names with Puns

1. Supreme Soy
2. Sweet & Sow  
3. Wok n Roll 
4. Stirring Things Up
5. Rice Bowl Revolution
6. Noodles Nook
7. Fry Day
8. Wonton Fun
9. Fortune Roll 
10. Bao Down 
11. Rice is Nice 
12. Woking on Sunshine 
13. Dim and Sum 
14. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy 
15. Rice to Meet You 
16. Wonton Desire
17. Pho Shizzle 
18. Egg Roll Empire 
19. Heavenly Hunan
20. Roll With It

Fancy Chinese Restaurant Name Ideas

1. Dynastic Delights
2. Celestial Dragon
3. Ornate Orchid
4. Posh Peking
5. Exotic Empress
6. Jade Journey
7. Golden Bamboo
8. Mandarin Mansion
9. Crystal Crane
10. Pavilion Phoenix
11. Imperial Palace
12. Silver Szechuan 
13. Velvet Viceroy
14. Lotus Luxe 
15. Opulent Orient 
16. Pearl Pagoda
17. Ruby Rosewater 
18. Sapphire Serenity 
19. Turquoise Tea House
20. Diamond Dragonfly 

Popular Chinese Restaurant Names

1. P.F. Chang’s
2. Panda Express
3. Golden Dragon
4. Joy Wok
5. Hunan House
6. Jade Garden
7. Dynasty Express
8. Imperial Buffet
9. Lucky Bamboo
10. Silk Road
11. China Town Cafe
12. Red Lotus
13. Great Wall Restaurant
14. Spicy China
15. Noodle House
16. Pearl River
17. Peking Palace
18. Shanghai Inn
19. Szechuan Spice
20. Dragon Bowl

Catchy Chinese Restaurant Name Ideas

1. Dragon’s Delight 
2. Peony Pavilion  
3. Mandarin Marvel
4. Great Wall Gourmet
5. Noodle Nirvana 
6. Hunan Heaven
7. Peking Perfection
8. Cantonese Carnival 
9. Wok Wonder
10. Dim Sum Dreamland
11. Hot Pot Haven
12. Spring Roll Symphony
13. Fortune Cookie Feast 
14. Bamboo Bliss 
15. Chopstick Charms 
16. Lucky Lantern 
17. Rice Bowl Revelation 
18. Szechuan Symphony 
19. Oriental Oasis
20. Heavenly Hotpot 

Cantonese Restaurant Names

1. Guandong Gourmet
2. Cantonese Delight
3. Pearl River Pavilion 
4. Guangzhou Gourmet
5. Canton Fortune
6. Pearl City Bistro
7. Canton Seafood Palace
8. Golden Canton
9. Rosewood Cantonese
10. Eastern Pearl
11. Jade River
12. Southern Delight
13. Sunflower Cantonese 
14. Silver Spoon Cantonese 
15. Rice Garden Canton
16. Golden Roast
17. Lucky Canton
18. Sun Yat-sen Diner 
19. Victory Cantonese 
20. Dynasty Canton 

Mandarin Restaurant Names

1. Mandarin Palace
2. Beijing Royal
3. Northern Star
4. Panda Mandarin
5. Pagoda Majesty
6. Golden Dragon Mandarin
7. Serene Beijing
8. Imperial Peking
9. Mandarin Munchies
10. Bright Beijing Bites
11. Great Wall Mandarin
12. Peking Pavilion
13. Oriental Mandarin
14. Lotus Mandarin
15. Dynasty Mandarin
16. Red Lantern Mandarin
17. Jade Mandarin
18. Emperor’s Table
19. Mandarin Melody
20. Beijing Blossoms

Shanghai Restaurant Names

1. Shanghai Delights
2. Shanghainese Pearl
3. East China Eats
4. Red Rice Shanghai
5. Shanghai Sunset
6. Shanghai Noodle House
7. Starlit Shanghai
8. Sapphire Shanghai
9. Oriental Shanghai
10. Fortune Shanghai 
11. Golden Shanghai 
12. Shanghai Bamboo House 
13. Red Pearl Shanghai 
14. Spicy Shanghai
15. Silver Peony Shanghai
16. Lotus Blossom Shanghai 
17. Shanghai Heaven 
18. Rice Crafting Shanghai 
19. Emperor of Shanghai 
20. Shanghai Cruise

Shandong Cuisine Restaurant Names

1. Taste of Shandong
2. Shandong Harmony
3. Golden Coast Cuisine
4. Jade Waves
5. Shandong Dynasty 
6. Imperial Shandong
7. Northern Delight Shandong 
8. Shandong Paradise
9. Silken Noodles of Shandong 
10. Crystal Shrimp Shandong 
11. Shandong Bao House
12. Spring Tide Shandong 
13. Royal Seafood a la Shandong
14. Shandong Dumpling House
15. Shandong Secret 
16. Shandong Spicy Summit 
17. Confucius Tastes
18. Tao Te Ching Cuisine
19. Shandong’s Spiced Lotus
20. Coastal Heaven Shandong  

Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant Names

1. Sichuan Symphony
2. Spicy Sichuan
3. Red Pepper Paradise
4. Dragon’s Breath 
5. Sizzling Sichuan 
6. House of Hot Pot 
7. Chongqing Charms 
8. Spicy Panda 
9. Hot Wok Sichuan 
10. Mystical Sichuan 
11. Happy Hunan
12. Sichuan Spring 
13. Mala Magic 
14. Peppercorn Palace 
15. Szechuan Serenade 
16. Chili House
17. Sichuan Savory
18. Sichuan Dynasty 
19. Firecracker Feast
20. Sichuan Silk Road

American Chinese Restaurant Names

1. Golden Fortune 
2. Dragon City
3. Wok and Roll
4. Chopstick Charms
5. Lotus Garden 
6. Beijing Bowl 
7. Hot Wok
8. Peking Palace 
9. Szechuan Delight
10. Lucky Dragon 
11. China Garden 
12. Phoenix Palace 
13. Jade Kitchen 
14. Oriental Express 
15. China Moon 
16. Mandarin House
17. Bamboo Terrace 
18. Emperor’s Garden 
19. China Sky 
20. Shanghai Bistro.

Indian Chinese Restaurant Names

1. Spice Route Mumbai
2. Bombay Wok
3. Delhi Dragon 
4. Noodle Nirvana
5. Journey to Jiangsu
6. Maharaja Manchurian 
7. Lucknow Lotus 
8. Bengal Bamboo
9. Kolkata Kung Pao
10. Indian Indochinese
11. Curry China 
12. Tandoori Tea House
13. Punjabi Peking
14. Vindaloo Village 
15. Himalayan Hunan 
16. Madras Mandarin 
17. Naan Noodles
18. Bangalore Bamboo 
19. Imperial Indo-Chinese
20. Saffron Szechuan.

Chinese Fast Food Names

1. Roll & Go
2. Fry It Up
3. Wok in the Park 
4. Emperor’s Express
5. Panda Rush
6. Speedy Noodle
7. Lightning Wok
8. Lucky Bowl 
9. Jumping Eggroll
10. The Great Wall on Wheels 
11. Minute Manchurian 
12. Dragon Dash
13. Bamboo Speed 
14. Szechuan Sprint
15. Chopstick Chomp 
16. Wonton Wheels 
17. Quick Quack Quail 
18. Zooming Zongzi 
19. Flash Fry 
20. Hot & Fast Hunan.

Dimsum Restaurant Names

1. Dumpling Delight
2. Steamed Sensation
3. Yum Cha Time
4. Lucky Bao 
5. Rolling Wraps
6. House of Har Gow
7. Shumai Shack
8. Bamboo Bun 
9. Sweet & Savory Sum
10. Dim Sum Palace 
11. Taste of Taro 
12. Wonton World 
13. Sesame Seed Bistro
14. Peking Parcel
15. Lotus Leaves 
16. Dim Sum Siesta 
17. Bao Bei Bites 
18. Cherry Blossom Bao
19. Delicate Dim Sum 
20. Treasure Chest Dumplings.

Chinese Takeout Names

1. Wok Away
2. Stir Fry To Go
3. Dragon Delivers
4. China-To-Go
5. Noodle Nirvana
6. Peking Pickup
7. Fly By Fried Rice
8. Speedy Spring Rolls 
9. Quick Quail Quiche
10. Wok ‘n Roll
11. Granny’s Gourmet To Go
12. Canton Carry-Out
13. Mandarin Meal 
14. Takeout Treasure 
15. Hunan Hustle
16. Food on Foot
17. Go Go Gyoza
18. Runny Rice
19. Frame Wok 
20. Swift Shrimp & Spring Rolls.

Chinese Cafe & Tea House Names

1. The Peking Pot 
2. Jade Leaf Café 
3. Oolong Oasis
4. The Great Tea Garden 
5. Lantern Cafe
6. Green Dragon Tea House
7. Pearl Milk Tea 
8. Mandarin Mocha 
9. Bamboo Brew 
10. Lotus Blossom Cafe 
11. White Peony Pavilion 
12. Wonton Whisper Café 
13. Phoenix Feather Café 
14. Blossoms and Beans 
15. Comforting Chrysanthemum 
16. Fortune Tea House 
17. Dragonwell Delight 
18. Eternal Spring Café 
19. Chasing Chai 
20. Yum Cha Café

Chinese Seafood Restaurant Names

1. Neptune’s Noodles
2. Pearl Dive Palace
3. Shrimp and Shark 
4. Prawn Palace
5. Dragonfish Delights 
6. Sizzling Squid 
7. Ocean’s Odyssey 
8. King Crab Kitchen 
9. Seafood and Szechuan 
10. Eel and Octopus Elegance 
11. Neptune Delicacies 
12. Calamari Castle 
13. Lobster Lantern 
14. Golden Oyster Gourmet 
15. Blue Crab Bistro 
16. Jade Jellyfish
17. Pacific Pearl
18. Coral Cantonese 
19. Siren’s Delight
20. Tidal Delicacies 

Chinese Gourmet Restaurant Names

1. Emperor’s Extravaganza
2. Golden Pagoda Gourmet 
3. Jade Journey 
4. Manchurian Masterpiece 
5. Dynasty Delights
6. Lotus Exquisite Eats
7. Silver Swan Gourmet 
8. Gourmet Garden 
9. Phoenix Fire Feast 
10. Celestial Cuisines 
11. Imperial Opulence 
12. Forbidden City Feasts 
13. Peony Palace 
14. Exquisite Empress
15. Szechuan Star 
16. Bamboo Brilliance
17. Coral Culinary 
18. Peking Perfection
19. Plateaus of Pleasure
20. Ming’s Majesty

Chinese Food Truck Names 

1. Mandarin Motor
2. Cantonese Caravan
3. Dragon Wagon
4. Wok-n-Wheels
5. Rice on the Move
6. Dumpling Dash 
7. Hot Pot Hopper
8. Noodle Nomad
9. The Rolling Wonton 
10. Bao Bun Bus
11. Chopstick Chariot 
12. Fortune Cookie Cart
13. Peking Prowler
14. Great Wall Wheels 
15. Lotus Leaf Locomotive 
16. Spring Roll Shuttle
17. Szechuan Street Steamer
18. Phoenix Food Flier 
19. Hunan Hatchback 
20. Lantern Light Truck.

How To Choose The Best Chinese Restaurant Name?

1. Understanding your brand in the service industry

To successfully choose a name for your establishment in the food and beverage service industry, begin by jotting down your restaurant’s mission, vision, and core values. Attention to detail here will help ensure that the name is cohesive with your restaurant’s branding.

2. Consider your unique offering

Next, take into consideration your detailed type of food. Are your offerings based on fresh ingredients? Do you represent a specific Chinese region’s cuisine? The name for your restaurant should ideally be a representation or a hint of the food you serve, as this will intrigue potential customers.

3. Brainstorming session

Brainstorm potential names that aren’t already taken. Be creative, authentic and make sure it resonates with your food style, ambiance, and targeted audience.

4. Use a restaurant name generator.

You can also use a restaurant name generator to help you find a creative name. This can be a starting point, prompting ideas you may never have considered.

5. The Finish Line

Finalize a name after you’ve tested it among friends, family and potential customers. Remember, the perfect name is one that captures the attention, imagination, and appetite of your clientele.

Choosing a name for your restaurant is as important as deciding the menu. With careful consideration and creativity, your eatery will be well on its way to making its mark in the industry.

7 Tips for Naming Your Chinese Restaurants

1. Tell a story

Everyone loves a good story, isn’t it? The best restaurant names often have a captivating tale behind them that customers can connect with. This could be a family name, a beloved dish, an old phrase, or even a playful dialogue with a good sense of humor.

2. Avoid Being Too Trendy

While being up to date a plus, something too trendy can quickly become outdated. Stick with names that will remain appropriate and meaningful over time. 

3. Emphasize Uniqueness

Your Chinese restaurant’s name should be as unique as the dishes you serve. Try to avoid general or overused terms. Instead, emphasize the popular dish or unique flavor profiles found on your menu.

4. Test It Out Loud

The name should be easy to pronounce and roll off the tongue smoothly. Say the name out loud a few times to ensure it sounds attractive and is easy to understand.

5. Opt for Authenticity

Chinese culture is rich and diverse, and your name can reflect this. Using words that people outside China associate with a Chinese restaurant can lend authenticity to your establishment.

6. Check for Domain Availability

In this digital era, having an online presence (e.g. website) is important for restaurant marketing. Check for domain name availability when deciding on the name for your restaurant to ensure consistency.

7. Get Feedback

And lastly, don’t forget to gather feedback. What might be the funniest or the most clever to you might not resonate with others. A small survey among family, friends or potential customers can be very insightful.

Choosing the right name takes time and patience, but with a clear vision and these helpful tips, you should be set on a path to a fitting and appealing name for your Chinese restaurant.

Setting up a website for your restaurant

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By adding your mini website link in your Instagram bio and other social media profiles, or sharing it directly with customers, you make it easy for them to discover and engage with your restaurant through a single, convenient link. This streamlined approach not only enhances customer experience but also boosts your online presence and attract more customers.

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Choosing a name for your Chinese restaurant might seem like a daunting task, but with some creativity and thorough research, you’ll find a perfect match. Take into consideration your brand, cuisine style, and uniqueness. Test out your options and gather feedback. Once you’ve got the perfect name, engage  your customers creatively with digital marketing tools like Menubly that can highlight your best dishes. With a phenomenal name and a tasty menu, your restaurant will soon become a hotspot for everyone who craves a delicious Chinese meal! Enjoy the wonderful journey of bringing your restaurant to life!

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