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Your restaurant brand needs the perfect name! The flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine are rich and exciting. Your restaurant’s name should be just as enticing. Whether you want a traditional Arabic name or something modern and catchy, you’re sure to find inspiration here.

A great name gives a “taste of the Middle East” before customers even see the menu. It should have a unique sound that draws people in. Picture your name in lights, on your menu, and in online searches. Does it make you want to try your restaurant? If so, you’re on the right track!

List of Arabic Food Restaurant Name Ideas to Inspire You

Finding the perfect name for your restaurant can be tough! You need a catchy name that suggests the delicious flavors and unique dining experience of Middle Eastern food. The ideal name also captures the essence of your restaurant and resonates with diners.

If you’re looking for a name that stands out, consider our list of enchanting Arabic business names. Stuck on coming up with a name? This list is perfect for a restaurant that wants to stand out from the crowd!

We’ve got sophisticated names, catchy Arabic names, and ideas to help you create a name that reflects your unique vision. With so many top name choices to check out, you’re sure to find a name that instantly makes diners curious. These names evoke the beauty and vibrancy of the Middle East, making them a perfect name for your business.

Let this list inspire you to brainstorm even more ideas for your exciting new Middle Eastern restaurant!

Best Arabic Restaurant Names

Taste of ArabiaArabian DelightsOasis Cuisine
Sultan's FeastFlavors of the Middle EastThe Spice Route
Beirut BistroCasablanca KitchenJewel of the Nile
From the LevantMarrakesh TableHouse of Hummus
Land of FalafelCedars of LebanonThe Olive Branch
Baghdad BitesMesopotamian GrillDamascus Diner
Persian PalaceSaffron Nights

Creative Arabic Restaurant Names

The Flying CarpetScheherazade's KitchenAli Baba's Eats
Moonlight BazaarMagic Lamp Cafe1001 Flavors
Caravan CafeThe Sand Dune DinerNomad's Plate
Souk & SavorSinbad's VoyageGenie's Grill
The Arabian PlateSpice JourneyTales of the Desert
Bedouin BistroThe Mint Tea TerracePomegranate & Pistachio
From the Date PalmFigs & Feta

Catchy Arabian Restaurant Business Name Ideas

Pita PanGrill & ThrillKabob King
Shawarma ShackMezze MadnessThe Hummus Hub
Baba Ganoush & Co.Wrap It Up!Tagine Time
Flavor BazaarSahara SizzleBaklava Bliss
Sultan's SandwichesCouscous CrazeMint to Be
Spice & SoulArabian Nights BitesFeast of the East
The Olive PressFrom Grill to Plate

Middle Eastern Restaurant Name Ideas

From the BosphorusIstanbul EatsAnatolian Flavors
Caspian GrillTehran TablePersian Pantry
Tabbouleh & ThymeLevantine LoungeAleppo Appetite
Jordan River CafeTaste of PalestineBeirut Bakery
Damascus DelightsSyrian SweetsBaghdad Bistro
Mesopotamia MunchiesFeast of AssyriaArabian Aroma
Gulf Coast GrillYemen Spice

Arabic Cafe Name Ideas

Cardamom CafeSaffron BrewTurkish Delight
Mint Tea TerraceArabian Bean The Date Shake Stop
Qahwa Corner Baklava & BrewThe Shisha Spot
Pistachio & Co.Knafeh CafeRosewater & Rahat
Honey & HalvaFigs & CoffeeThe Nut House
Oasis Espresso Spice Market MochaBazaar Brew
Sultan's SweetsArabian Grind

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Mediterranean Restaurant Names

Azure CoastGreek GrillOlive & Oregano
Aegean BreezeTaste of SantoriniMamma's Taverna
Cyprus KitchenThe Fisherman's PlateSun-kissed Flavors
From the SeaAdriatic DelightsCoastal Cuisine
Lemon & ThymeMamma MiaMediterranean Medley
Island BitesFlavor OdysseySunset Bistro
Piazza & PastaFrom Field to Fork

Egyptian Restaurant Names

Pharaoh's FeastCairo CafeTaste of the Nile
Pyramid PlatesKoshari KingAlexandria Eats
Tutankhamun's TableMolokhia & MoreLand of Ful
Cleopatra's KitchenFlavors of LuxorOasis Grill
From the SoukTa'ameya TimeEgyptian Spices
Sahara SandsBazar BistroHibiscus Haven
Aswan AppetiteRed Sea Delights

Lebanese Cuisine Restaurant Names

Taste of BeirutCedars CafeMezze Master
Tabbouleh TerraceFrom the MountainsLebanese Larder
Hummus HeavenGarlic & GrillFlavors of Phoenicia
Manakish ManiaZa'atar ZestByblos Bites
Olive & ThymeSidon SeafoodLevantine Lounge
Feast of LebanonBeirut BakeryArak & Appetizers
Lebanese NightsFrom Farm to Fork

Moroccan Restaurant Name Ideas

Tagine TalesMarrakesh MarketCasablanca Cuisine
Atlas AromasMint Tea & MoreFez Food
Couscous CravingsSpice SoukOasis Eats
From the SaharaAgadir AppetitesTangier Treats
Taste of MoroccoMint & HoneyBerber Bistro
Souk & SavorFlavors of the MedinaMagic of Marrakesh
Nomad's KitchenDesert Delights

Turkish Restaurant Names

Istanbul GrillTurkish TavernTaste of Anatolia
Sultan's KitchenBosphorus BitesOttoman Feast
Kebab KingdomAnatolian AppetitesMezze & More
Pide ParadiseTurkish BazaarAegean Eats
Izmir DelightsCappadocia CuisineBaklava Bliss
Ankara AromasSpice RoutesFrom Field to Fork
Turkish DelightLand of the Doner

Halal Restaurant Name Ideas

Halal HavenZabiha & ZestWholesome Bites
Tayyib & TastyThe Halal HubFlavor & Faith
Bismillah BitesPermissible PlatesNourishing Nosh
Halal & HeartyThe Crescent GrillOasis Eats
Righteous RecipesSavory & HalalThe Blessed Plate
Flavors of IslamAl-Taqwa TreatsSunnah & Spice
Simply HalalFrom Source to Soul

Israeli Restaurant Names

Tel Aviv TableJerusalem GrillFalafel Fiesta
Sabich StandHummus HeavenShakshuka Shack
Jaffa JaffaFrom the ShukTaste of Israel
Sabra BitesChallah & Co.Za'atar Zest
Galilee GrillDead Sea DelightsFlavors of Zion
TLV TreatsThe Promised PlateSchnitzel & Schmear
From Kibbutz to KitchenLand of Milk & Honey

Iraqi Restaurant Names

Baghdad BitesMesopotamia MunchiesTigris & Euphrates Eats
Masgouf MagicIraqi GrillFlavors of Babylon
Basra BitesDolma DelightsSpice & Soul
Kurdish KitchenFeast of AssyriaFrom the Souk
Iraqi FlavorsLand of Two RiversKebab & Kabsa
Nineveh NoshTaste of KurdistanOasis Oasis
From Farm to ForkFlavors of Iraq

Syrian Restaurant Names

Damascus DelightsAleppo AppetitesTaste of Syria
Mezze MadnessHoms HomestyleJasmine & Juniper
Levantine LoungeSyrian SpicesFrom Field to Fork
Qamishli KitchenFlavors of the LevantSouk & Savor
Palmyra PlatesEuphrates EatsGhouta Grill
Old City BistroSyrian SweetsBaba Ganoush Bar
Silk Road SelectionsLand of Olives

Iranian Restaurant Names

Tehran TablePersian PantryIsfahan Eats
Shiraz SpicesFlavors of PersiaSaffron & Sumac
Tabriz TreatsMashhad MunchiesPomegranate Paradise
Qom Cuisine Caspian KitchenKebab Kings
The Zoroastrian PlateAhvaz AppetitesFrom Field to Fork
Land of CyrusFlavors of IranRosewater & Raisins
Persian PalaceNights in Shiraz

How To Choose The Best Arabic Restaurant Name? 

1. What are your restaurant’s mission, vision, and core values? A great name perfectly captures the atmosphere and experience you want to create. Is it fine dining, family-friendly, or something else?

2. Consider your menu offerings and your customers. A name that evokes the warmth and richness of the region makes a strong choice. Is your menu traditional or more modern? Target your name to your ideal diners.

3. Brainstorm names that aren’t already taken. Check local listings and test domain name availability. Finding a name that’s not in use gives it a unique edge.

4. Use a restaurant name generator. These tools spark creativity, even if you modify their suggestions. Struggling with name ideas that aren’t taken? Generators can help!

Tips for Naming Your Arabic Restaurants

1. Storytelling Sells: The best restaurant names often have a good story behind them. Draw inspiration from family traditions, your culinary journey, or the meaning behind a special ingredient.

2. Avoid Trendy Traps: What’s hot today might be stale tomorrow. Choose a name that has timeless appeal.

3. Uniqueness is Key: a unique and memorable name sets you apart. Avoid anything too generic that could easily be forgotten.

4. Say it Out Loud: How does your name sound? It should be easy to pronounce and easy to remember. 

5. Authenticity Matters: Tap into the rich heritage of Middle Eastern cuisine. A name that evokes a sense of place and tradition is a strong contender.

6. Domain Check: Make sure the matching domain name is available to secure your online presence.

7. Gather Opinions: Get feedback from friends, family, and potential customers. Is their first impression positive? Does the name stick with them?

Bonus Tips:

Keep it Short: Simple yet memorable names are best.

  • Consider Translations: A beautiful Arabic word with an evocative meaning can make a perfect name.
  • Visualize Your Brand: How will your name look on signage, menus, etc.?

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The Bottom Line

Choosing the perfect name for your restaurant is exciting! Your name should perfectly capture the essence of your cuisine and create a memorable first impression. A short, easy-to-pronounce name with a unique sound is ideal.

Think about the atmosphere you want to create. Should the name suggest a cozy family eatery or sophisticated dining? Let your name convey the idea of delicious Middle Eastern flavors.

Need inspiration? Browse our top 300 name suggestions to get those creative juices flowing! The perfect name is out there, waiting to introduce your restaurant to hungry diners.

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